Satellite exhibition as part of Manif d'art 9 - The International Biennale of Quebec City, Ateliers du Réacteur, Quebec

« Under the curatorship of art historians Florence Gariépy and Sevia Pellisier, [EXO]Mars offers a large collective exhibition bringing together the work of 22 master's students in visual arts sharing the Roulement à Billes workshops. The curators invite the public to discover the diversity of practices from the same cohorts during the exhibition at the Ateliers du Réacteur. »

« The workshop is more than just a workplace; it is at the same time site, laboratory and living environment. Between art and everyday life, this creative space calls on its tenants to share and help each other, while reserving for each their own individuality. They know each other, rub shoulders with each other, sometimes even influence each other, but their practices are not yet homogeneous. Everyone is different from the group, in their own way. Each year, master's students in visual arts open their workshops to the public, as part of the master's march. To close this month of activities, the curators invited the artists to leave their usual place of residence to take up a new exhibition space. »

« A major biennial in contemporary art on the Canadian scene, Manif d'Art 9 presents more than 100 artists from all walks of life. In addition to the exhibits, the event offers a host of activities around the theme So small among the stars, so large against the sky defined by international curator Jonathan Watkins. More than thirty cultural organizations are helping to make this international festival a must-have experience for the uninitiated as well as for specialists. »